Brinkman Appointed Chairman of Ohio House Insurance Committee

From the Ohio House of Representatives:

State Rep. Brinkman Appointed to Serve as Chairman of Ohio House Insurance Committee

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COLUMBUS—Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) today announced that State Representative Tom Brinkman (R-Mt. Lookout) has been appointed to serve as Chair of the House Insurance Committee. He has served as Vice Chair of the committee since April.

“I look forward to bringing my background in the insurance agency and my previous experience as a chairman to the service of the people of Ohio in this new role as chairman of the Insurance Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives,” said Rep. Brinkman.

The committee hears bills on a variety of issues related to insurance topics in Ohio, such as workers’ compensation, health insurance policies, and insurance claims. Rep. Brinkman also serves on the Commerce and Labor and the Public Utilities committees.


Governor Signs Brinkman’s Township Omnibus Bill

Governor Signs Brinkman’s Township Omnibus Bill

On June 28th Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 413.  This Township Omnibus Bill was introduced by State Representative Tom Brinkman and was just one in a series of bills Brinkman has passed to make township government more efficient and effective.  The Ohio General Assembly completed its work on HB 413 on May 25, 2016. Interestingly, almost ten years ago to the day, another Township Omnibus Bill (HB 385) also sponsored by Representative Brinkman was passed by the 126th session of the Ohio General Assembly.

Representative Brinkman stated, “A majority of my constituents live in townships. The ideas that go into these bills are a result of my close working relationship with those township elected and administrative personal along with the outstanding assistance of the Ohio Township Association.”

Ohio Township News July-Aug 16

For their part; the Ohio Township Association featured HB 413 on the cover of the July/August 2016 issue of OHIO TOWNSHIP NEWS and stated: “Rep. Brinkman’s support and dedication to bettering township government is to be commended.” HB 413 is effective on September 28, 2016.