Tom Brinkman for State Representative

On November 4th VOTE for Tom Brinkman for State Representative

Tom Brinkman for State Representative -

Brinkman Signs Term Limits Pledge

Recently, Tom Brinkman signed the U.S. Term Limits State Pledge that states he would abide by and not work to change Ohio’s current term limit law.



Specifically, the pledge said:

I, Tom Brinkman, pledge to take no action that would aid or abet the abolition or lengthening of term limits to which elected officials in Ohio are subject.

For more information, please click here to visit U.S. Term Limits.

Brinkman, a Great Conservative Investment

Say what you will about Tom Brinkman, but dollar for dollar he’s a great conservative investment!

“Although dishonest, ORP’s portrayal of the more conservative candidate [Brinkman] in the 27th House District primary as a secret Democrat could at least be explained as part of the typical incumbency protection racket.”

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